Reuniting a Concentration Camp Family

Story by Sue Anderson, SW Washington, Media Team; Saundra Beauchaine, Videographer and Editor; and Trish Osilla, Boom Microphone

Most of the people I know have heard about the Holocaust concentration camps from parents and grandparents who served in WWII, from school history lessons, or from made-for-TV and theater movies.

Recently, Julie Burger who is a volunteer caseworker in our SW Washington American Red Cross region was reading through a Red Cross Restoring Family Links contact form. The form was initiated by a woman in Europe who was looking for a man she had known while in Auschwitz.  After reading the name of the man, Julie paused and said, “I know this man.” That’s when our region stepped in to help reunite Eva and Tom.

Eva had been with her sister and mother at Auschwitz during WWII. While there, Eva’s mother started caring for a young toddler named Tom who had been separated from both parents and was left to survive on his own. The little boy was separated from Eva and her family after being liberated from the camp, and never heard from her again…until now.

The video below is the introduction for a series of three interviews that documents the special reunion of the little toddler named Tom and his concentration camp sister, Eva.

Posted originially on June 25, 2013 by swwashingtonredcross