Reuniting a Concentration Camp Family: How it all Began

Story by Sue Anderson, SW Washington, Media Team; Saundra Beauchaine, Videographer and Editor; and Trish Osilla, Boom Microphone

Eva was just a toddler of 2 when she, her sister and their Mother were taken to Auschwitz and placed in a Nazi concentration camp.

Tommy was 4 when he was separated from his parents at the same Nazi concentration camp and was left to survive on his own. Eva’s Mother cared for the young boy until the camp was liberated and his uncles came for him.

Neither Eva not Tom remembers much of those days but in the years that followed, Eva recalls her Mother talked about Tommy often.

In April of 2011, Eva started searching for her concentration camp brother. Some 18 months later, she and Tom had their first contact in 65+ years…via email. Julie Burger, a volunteer caseworker with SW Washington American Red Cross region was instrumental in the reunion and talked with both Eva and Tom for this series.

The below below is the first of three interviews that documents the special reunion of the little toddler named Tom and his concentration camp sister, Eva. In Episode 1: Eva the Inquirer, Eva tells Julie Burger about her search for Tom through the Red Cross Restoring Family Links program.

Originally posted on June 26, 2013 by swwashingtonredcross