Reuniting a Concentration Camp Family: Finding Tom

Story by Sue Anderson, SW Washington, Media Team; Saundra Beauchaine, Videographer and Editor; and Trish Osilla, Boom Microphone

When Tom learned that his concentration camp sister Eva was looking for him, he was surprised and very touched. He hadn't expected to ever see or hear from her after leaving Auschwitz.

Now, Tom says, the emails he and Eva have exchanged and the personal reunion they plan for this fall, complete a circle for him.

In this interview, Red Cross Volunteer Caseworker Julie Burger talks with Tom about how it felt when he first learned Eva was looking for him, and about his plans to reunite with his concentration camp sister 67 years later.

Julie recognized Tom’s name after reading the Red Cross Restoring Family Links contact form that had Eva had completed in Europe and submitted to the Red Cross. Julie and Tom are members of the same Synagogue in Vancouver and she was the first to contact Tom to let him know about Eva’s search.

Originally posted on June 28, 2013 by swwashingtonredcross