RFL Story Contest Winners

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Dear Friends and Supports of Restoring Family Links: 

I am pleased to announce the winners of the Restoring Family Links (RFL) Story Contest! From January - June of this year, National Headquarters collected seventeen stories along with pictures and video that convey the mission and spirit of the RFL services provided by the American Red Cross. These stories have then been published across numerous social media networks including Facebook, Twitter, and blogs to promote the amazing work being done to reconnect families separated by war, natural disaster, conflict, and migration. Please join National Headquarters in congratulating and celebrating with the following contributors:

  • Sue Anderson, Southwest Washington: In the "Reuniting a Concentration Camp Family" series, a heartwarming reunion between two Holocaust survivors is aided by the Red Cross.
  • Mike Pfeifer, St Louis: "Brothers Reconnect After 12 Years"  shares the incredible story of two brothers who fled conflict in Somalia together only to be separated as refugees in Kenya. After years of separation and through working with the Red Cross, the two brothers have been able to connect via Red Cross Messages.
  • Bill Fortune, Pikes Peak Chapter: The story shared in "South African Woman Reconnects with Family after 50 Years" demonstrates how the personal strength of one woman along with the humanitarian spirit of one community can combine to reunite a family torn apart by conflict for 50 years.

If you have not read these amazing stories, please do so now and share them! By telling RFL stories, this important aspect of work done by the Red Cross is made more visible and helps generate future reconnection stories. If you have your own RFL reconnection or outreach story to share and would like it published on the blog, please contact Jon Dillon at jonathan.dillon@redcross.org.