Volunteer Opportunity - Restoring Family Links Social Advocate

The Restoring Family Links Social Engagement Team at the American Red Cross is looking for virtual volunteers to support their work to promote the reconnecting family services of the American Red Cross through social media. Volunteers will have the opportunity to engage with Restoring Family Links services as well as topics pertaining to reconnecting family issues (refugees, migration, trafficking, technology, etc) through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and the Restoring Family Links Blog.

As an RFL Social Advocate, you get to choose the social media platform(s) you would like to use to promote RFL services. This can include using Twitter to promote successful reconnection stories, posting pictures of RFL outreach events to Instagram, and contributing content to the Restoring Family Links Blog. All your support helps expand the reach of the Restoring Family Links program, allowing the American Red Cross to reconnect even more families separated across international borders.

Anyone can apply to become an RFL Social Advocate. All Advocates will be required to take the RFL Online Training Module and the RFL Social Engagement Overview and register in the American Red Cross volunteer management system, Volunteer Connection. Other RFL and Red Cross training opportunities are also available for RFL Social Advocates, but are not required for the volunteer position.

To learn more about this virtual volunteer opportunity, please contact Jon Dillon at jon.dillon@redcross.org. Thank you for your support of the Restoring Family Links Blog. I hope that you will consider joining us in promoting the reconnecting families work of the Red Cross.