Restoring Family Links Story Campaign 2014


This year from March 1 to June 30, the Restoring Family Links (RFL) team at National Headquarters is holding the 2014 Story Campaign! This is a great opportunity to share with one another the wide range of stories that represent our work and the people who make it possible. Sharing this collective impact helps each chapter by increasing its profile both inside the Red Cross and in its community.

How does such an awesome campaign work you might ask? It’s easy! During the campaign, anyone can submit a story about their chapter/region's RFL work. These stories can highlight reconnections, Red Cross Messages, and other RFL services provided at your chapter, BUT can also focus on other aspects of RFL work. This can include featuring a volunteer or staff member, discussing issues pertaining to a local population receiving RFL services, writing about casework challenges, or highlighting an outreach event held by your chapter or partner organization. There are also several days of remembrance/recognition that can be used as an opportunity to discuss RFL including International Women’s Day (March 8), Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 6-13), Yom Hashoah (April 28), World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day (May 8), and World Refugee Day (June 20) just to name a few!

As a thank you, each contributor will receive a small prize. Then at the end of each month during the campaign, that month’s contributors will be entered into a drawing and the winner’s story highlighted in the RFL Newsletter and RCO. The winner will also receive a certificate recognizing them for their contribution to growing the RFL program. One story equals one entry into the drawing. Contributors are welcome and encouraged to submit as many stories as they want! In July, all story contributors will be entered into a drawing for a larger prize that will contribute to their chapter’s RFL outreach efforts. The winner will be announced via a program wide email.

Guidelines for submitting a story are simple. The story must be submitted within the timeframe (March 1- June 30) and should be at least 450 words. An image or graphic should also be included with the story. Along with being posted to the Restoring Family Links blog, the submission should also be shared at the local level by having it posted on your Red Cross chapter’s blog, in local or regional media and/or radio, or through other online venues (personal blogs, YouTube accounts, etc).

All stories and questions concerning the campaign can be submitted to

A full list of days of remembrance/recognition are on pages 54-55 of the Restoring Family Links Outreach Guide which can be found by clicking here.