Humanitarian Action across Borders: Part 3


The final part of our coverage of the migration conference features a panel discussion on missing migrants, the closing keynote presentation by photojournalist Encarni Pindado, and final remarks made by American Red Cross Restoring Family Links Caseworker, Nadia Kalinchuk.

The panel on missing migrants highlights the work of organizations and individuals to find and identify missing migrants and support the families of the missing in Guatemala, Honduras, and along the US-Mexico border. The discussion highlights both the difficulty and the importance of this work - especially when looking at the issue from a "Restoring Family Links" perspective as many families have gone months, years, and even decades without knowing the fate of their loved ones. While the dedication and work of these and many other organizations and volunteer groups helps find and identify many missing migrants, the panel highlights the policy changes needed across the region to avert this humanitarian crisis and bring justice and closure to families of the missing. The panel includes Fredy Peccerelli from Fundacion de Antropologia Forense de Guatemala, Robin Reineke from Colibri Center, Adrienne Pine from American University, and Robert Conrad from the American Red Cross.

The closing keynote presentation by Encarni Pindado focused on her work as a photojournalist, documenting the lives and journeys of migrants in Mexico. Her latest project, Migrazoom, provided cameras and training to migrants, who then documented their own stories through photography. The photo essays are a moving depiction of the protection needs of migrants.

The final remarks made by Nadia Kalinchuk highlighted the importance of all the work being done by the represented organizations and individuals.