Humanitarian Action across Borders: Part 2

Part 2 of the Restoring Family Links Blog's coverage of last week's migration conference, Humanitarian Action across Borders: Migration in the Americas, focuses on two of the panels, Critical Advocacy Issues in Migration; and Challenges and Alternatives to Detention.

The first panel highlights the advocacy work of organizations and individuals to ensure that migrants receive the protections to which they are entitled; and to promote policy that better meets the needs of migrant populations. The panel includes Meredith Linsky from the American Bar Association, Aryah Somers from Kids in Needs of Defense, Ashley Feasley from US Conference of Catholic Bishops, and Wendy Cervantes from First Focus.

The second panel, Challenges and Alternatives to Detention, highlighted the work of the government to enforce immigration policy while simultaneously ensuring the rights of migrants and their access to services to which they are entitled. The panel also included two representatives from organizations working to better detention practices and promote alternatives to detention, especially for vulnerable migrants such as women and families. Panelists include Jennifer Podkul from Women's Refugee Committee, George M. Talton from US Customs and Border Patrol, Andrew Lorenzen-Strait from US Customs and Immigration Enforcement, and Joanne Lin from the American Civil Liberties Union.