Red Cross Helps Connect Puerto Ricans to Loved Ones

Friends wonder what it’s like when my husband, Glen, and I deploy to disaster zones—at times living in what some consider to be hardship conditions. Here’s a little insight:

We fired up our generators in the plaza of a small town in Puerto Rico. When we first arrived the town looked deserted, but people came out of their houses as word spread that the Red Cross was setting up a communication station so people could call, text, and send email to their loved ones. Neighbors plugged their phones into Red Cross charging stations as hundreds waited to call family members for the first time since Hurricane Maria struck. Even though cell service and electricity were down on the island, our equipment enabled crowds of excited people to talk and text family members from the plaza to let them know they were safe.

For anyone without their own working phone, the Red Cross provided phones with prepaid Skype accounts so that no one was left out.

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