Providing Hope, Globally

You can find a Red Cross or Red Crescent pretty much everywhere around the world. It's possibly the most unique thing about the Red Cross Movement - it is truly global. This universality allows us to transcend and transverse borders, working individually and together to alleviate human suffering.

It is also what positions the Red Cross to provide reconnecting families services. If you are in the United States and you believe your family is in Tanzania, the Red Cross is able to find and reconnect you with your loved ones because we are also in both locations. Families around the world are able to link through a interconnected humanitarian movement.

Throughout this campaign highlighting the Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross Red Crescent, successful reconnection stories have been used to demonstrate the principle in action. Below are three stories offering just a glimpse into the universality of the Red Cross. In them, the reach of the Red Cross spreads from the United States to Ecuador, to Kenya, to Germany and Poland. This ability isn't just about being able to respond globally. For those separated from the ones they love, it's hope - that no matter where conflict, disaster, and migration may have taken their family, the Red Cross is also there, waiting to reconnect them.

A Difficult Choice - When Mechi was a young girl, her parents made the difficult choice to allow a Peace Corps volunteer to adopt her. After decades of not knowing what happened to their little girl, they stumbled upon a newspaper article about her and her adopted mother. Without means of communicating with them directly, they reached out to the Red Cross for help. The entire family is now able to communicate, and hopes to plan a family reunion.

From Kenya, With Love - Restoring Family Links Caseworker, Mark Owens, shares his experience visiting a refugee camp in Kenya. While there, he met two children who had been reconnected with their mother in the United States by the Red Cross. Mark had helped send a picture of their mother along with a hand-written message to them, and as they met, they still clutched tightly to that picture, a symbol both of comfort in knowing their mother was alive and of hope that they may one day be reunited.

Discovering the Fate of his Father - Mike was separated from his father following World War II. He ended up resettling in the United States without ever learning what happened. Decades passed, and at the urging of his own sons, Mike initiated the search to learn the fate of his father. The American Red Cross worked with our counterparts in Poland and Germany, eventually finding documentation on what happened to Mike's father as well as the location of his grave.

Conflict, disaster, and migration separate families, but no matter how long you have been separated, no matter how far away your loved ones are, know that the Red Cross is there to help reconnect. For more information and to start your search today, please visit