Hand-Drawn Map Could be Key to Finding Long-Lost Family

Story & Video by Patricia Billinger, Communications Director, Denver, CO

When armed men stormed one 9-year-old's home town in Sudan, she fled for her life -- losing contact with her family.

Years later, after living in refugee camps and eventually making it safely to resettle in the United States, this girl -- now a young woman -- turned to the Red Cross for help seeking out the whereabouts of her long-lost family. Our local Restoring Family Links team took on her case.

Tracking down loved ones across thousands of miles and a decade of conflict is an immense challenge. Every clue can help narrow the search, and determining the specific, last-known whereabouts of family is an important key to starting the search.

In this case, the girl drew a rudimentary map of her memory of her home and where she last saw her family. In this video, we share the detective work our volunteers performed to turn that hand-drawn map into a solid clue to start the search.

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