Homeless US Cuban Refugee reconnected with his family after 25 years

Juan Jose Acosta Ferrer, is known to have come to the United States in 1992. He came to the United States through the help of the Catholic Church, entering through Miami, traveling to New Orleans and finally taking a bus to Los Angeles. When he initially arrived, he kept in touch with his family however this eventually faded and his family presumed he was dead. They reached out to the Red Cross and along with the help of the Los Angeles Police Department they were able to find Juan Jose Acosta Ferrer. He was found living under a freeway overpass and even though he deals with numerous emotional issues he was very inviting and showed us his command of the city. Thanks to the work of the Restoring Family Links team , the Los Angeles Red Cross and the Los Angeles Police Department, Juan Jose Acosta Ferrer was able to reconnect with his mother over the phone after 25 years.

Check out the video to meet Juan Jose Acosta Ferrer and hear more about this incredible search!