My Red Cross Role Model

Story by Tanushree Mondkar, Volunteer, Los Angeles, California

Tanushree with her Red Cross Role Model, Cris.

Tanushree with her Red Cross Role Model, Cris.

Cris began her Restoring Family Links journey in 2014, when she sought out a meaningful way to use her time and attended a Red Cross volunteer orientation. Knowing she would be helping families reconnect was all the reason she needed to want to work with Restoring Family Links and American Red Cross International Services.

As a brand new Red Cross volunteer, I had the excellent opportunity to spend my very first Restoring Family Links (RFL) casework learning experience with Cris Tsai as my mentor! Since Cris’ parents are from Taiwan and she was born and raised in Brazil (she speaks fluent Portuguese and English) her compassion for working with families scattered across the globe comes straight from her heart.

During my training with Cris, she recalled her most memorable RFL case. This particular client was born to his parents during their later years, and they had to leave the country. Since he had no siblings, no relatives, and no extended family he reached out to the American Red Cross and they successfully helped him connect with his cousin. On this particular case Cris said, “What really touched me is the thought of how difficult it was to have no family for fifty years – I cannot imagine not having my family or being without them.” Overall, this client’s gratitude and happiness in being reconnected with a family member is a reminder of the impact RFL can have on those who are in search of their loved ones.

While Cris is a true representation of the mission of the American Red Cross, providing services to those in need is an ongoing theme reflected throughout her life. Currently, Cris works in marketing for a non-profit organization that helps international students with the logistics of continuing their education in the United States. She and her husband have also volunteer with their local church where they have been helping the homeless once a month for six years! She also enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and eating at delectable spots. A fun fact: one of Cris’ enjoyable eats is Brazilian Barbecue and she recommends trying picanha meat!

Thank you, Cris, for all you do for the Red Cross and families around the world!

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