Separated by War, Reconnected by Red Cross

2017 began with very good news for Samuel! He received a Red Cross Message from his younger sister Mimi, for whom he had been searching for many years. The last time the two saw one another was 21 years ago at a family gathering in Ethiopia. The family lost touch with young Mimi, when she and her family fled the violence of the war in Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Samuel contacted the American Red Cross chapter in Connecticut to initiate a search for his sister over a year ago. After much effort to gather needed details, speaking with his brother, who is closer to their younger sister, comparing dates and clarifying facts, the tracing inquiry was sent to Red Cross volunteers overseas to begin a search.

The urgency in trying to locate his sister was especially poignant as their mother is now quite elderly and the brothers hoped to have some good news to share with her concerning her daughter’s fate. Fortunately, Mimi and her family were located in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe where life is difficult but they are surviving. Mimi sent a message to Samuel and included another to be sent on to their mother.

Questions answered, a sister and daughter found, a mother’s heart comforted, family connections restored – all a part of the everyday mission of the Red Cross. The brothers are very thankful to know where their sister is and to have been able to share such good news with their mother.

As a part of its global work to alleviate human suffering, the Red Cross and Red Crescent network helps reconnect families separated internationally by conflict, disaster, migration, and other humanitarian emergencies. If you or someone you know has lost contact with someone they love, the Red Cross may be able to help. To learn more about our services, please visit You can also start your search today by clicking here or visiting your local Red Cross office.