Taking our Reconnection facilities to the next level with the introduction of our New Helpline

In the last year alone, the Restoring Family Links (RFL) team reconnected 9,914 families around the world serving more than 23,000 people. They opened 925 new cases, provided almost 10,000 migrant phone calls and worked with over 100 international partners. But Restoring Family Links is about more than the numbers. It’s about the sister and brother in Los Angeles who were able to find each other again after 16 years. Or the father and son who reconnected after being separated during the Rwandan genocide and were not able to find each other for decades.  

 Each family reconnected has a story like this one: 

The RFL has been gearing up to take their services to the next level. This week's launch of the Restoring Family Links helpline will bring RFL services to those in need across the country. The helpline will act as an additional avenue for clients in the United States to obtain information on Red Cross services, receive referrals and initiate a case to search for a missing family member.

 While locally there will be little change to RFL operations, the helpline will allow us to reach and serve more clients where they are, especially in situations where it is difficult for clients to travel to their local Red Cross chapter.

 This would never have been possible without the collective work of our chapter colleagues and volunteers across the country, our national headquarters volunteers and all of the stakeholders that participated in making this idea a reality. We are forever thankful for the contributions of these individuals who keep us motivated and empowered to make a difference in the lives of others.

For more information regarding the RFL Helpline, and our work visit redcross.org/reconnectingfamilies. To access the Helpline and learn more about our services, or initiate your case today, please call 1-844-782-9441.