This Week in Restoring Family Links News 9/16/2016

A recent report by Unicef discovered a startling fact about refugees all over the world - at least 50% of them are children. That means one out of every 200 children wordwide is a refugee. This represents an increase of 75% in the number of child refugees due to “new and on-going global conflicts over the last five years.” The report “calls on the international community for urgent action to protect child migrants” in places such as Syria.

A Perth Red Cross nurse named Kathy Fry nurse recently spoke out about the ongoing refugee crisis in Syria, where a large number of these child refugees are coming from. Fry claimed "When I arrived at the beginning of April there were around 40,000 people there, and within four weeks there was twice that number." Fry also claimed the situation was starting to appear hopeless after five years of war. "I saw some dreadful things but I never imagined it would continue for five years with such a vast amount of people displaced.” People like Fry provide aid to refugees but it was also reported that information is another form of aid.

Information and staying informed could be the difference between life and death for refugees and migrants worldwide. As people every day continue to flee from poverty or conflict, such as the ongoing war in Syria, many do not make it out alive. “Access to life-saving information, so that people can make informed decisions and know how to stay safe” is a necessity to ensuring the protection of refugees and migrants, and is a way that world leaders can ensure this protection.

Since the conflict does not seem to be resolving in Syria and the number of child refugees continues to increase, access to information is another way to keep refugees safe. If these refugees and migrants can stay informed, perhaps they at least may find safety through the conflicts they endure.