We Thank You for Believing in our Mission

By The American Red Cross


This holiday season, we at the American Red Cross would like to thank everyone who supported our lifesaving mission to help families in need.

Every eight minutes, someone affected by disaster is helped by donations to the Red Cross. With the generosity of donors and the selfless commitment of volunteers—who represent 90 percent of our disaster workforce—thousands of people across the country depended on us this year for shelter, food, relief items, comfort and recovery assistance.

This work is made possible year-round by the dedication of our donors, volunteers and partners.


We’re also grateful for the commitment of volunteers, donors and partners to help save lives and alleviate suffering in other ways. In addition to helping people affected by disasters in the U.S., on average each year, this dedication supports our mission to:

  • Collect nearly 4.9 million units of blood from more than 2.8 million volunteer donors.

  • Provide nearly 391,000 services to service members, veterans and their families through our Hero Care Network.

  • Train and provide information to nearly 5.9 million people in first aid, water safety and other skills that help save lives.

  • Help more than 181 million people internationally each year through disaster management and disease prevention activities.

We appreciate our generous donors and remarkable partners—to everyone who helps make all of this important work possible. A special thank you to our wonderful volunteers who drop everything and answer the call when disaster strikes, whether in their own community or somewhere across the country. Thank you also to the volunteer blood donors who roll up a sleeve to help save a life, and the trainers who teach people lifesaving skills. Your devotion to the Red Cross mission is inspiring, and we are grateful for everyone’s service and commitment to those we serve.


We wish you all a delightful, safe, and peaceful Holiday season.