Your contributions help us carry out our humanitarian mission in Syria

Vinuri Dissanayake, Social Engagement Intern, National Headquarters Washington D.C.

The violence is Syria has brought death and destruction for over five years. There has been a continued cycle of violence, with ceasefires falling apart. Children and families have been forced to leave their homes and resort to living in refugee camps. Their lifestyles are disturbed and access to education, water and hygienic conditions have been cut off. 

Our teams have been working to ensure that we can provide all the necessary humanitarian requirements individuals need. Currently, there are over 4.8 million refugees living in neighboring countries and beyond. 

Our team has carried out 55 cross frontline operations, to bring food and essentials to 8 million people. 

We value our volunteers contribution, and your donation which ensure we are able to carry out our mission. 

The Restoring family links works with families to ensure that separated family members are able to reconnect with their loved ones. We have been successful in connecting families since the end of WW2. Currently, our work on the Syrian crisis to reach Syrian families that have fled the conflict, and are looking to connect to loved ones abroad or in Syria. 

One of our success stories is when Mohammed was separated from his family for 11 days after fleeing the conflict to get to Bulgaria. 

We also work to provide individuals with psychological support, to help children affected by war. For example, our Turkish Red Cross is currently working with Maria Huseyin’s son Ayham, who is unable to speak. 

For more information on our services call our HelpLine 844-782-9441