For centuries, the horrors of genocide have displaced families, communities and social groups. Since the Nuremburg Trials following World War II, multiple International Court Tribunals have been established following situations of genocide to provide justice for those affected by these atrocities. Yet, genocide persists, and justice can remain elusive. The following resources provide a more in-depth look into the genocides in Cambodia and Darfur.

Khmer Rouge Cambodian Genocide Documentary

The Killing Fields

Interview on Khmer Rouge "torture centers" in Cambodia

Voices from Darfur

The American Red Cross supports genocide-survivor communities across the United States through its Restoring Family Links program. The chaos and confusion of conflict often separates families, and the American Red Cross through the global Red Cross Red Crescent Movement is able to reconnect them. From survivors of the Holocaust to those who endured conflict in the Balkans and the Rwandan Genocide, the Red Cross is there to help alleviate human suffering by helping families and individuals learn the fate and/or whereabouts of their loved ones.