The American Red Cross conducted a campaign encouraging interaction between youth and Holocaust survivors. Over the course of two weeks, nine interviews were collected in the Washington, DC area focusing on the legacies of those who died during the Holocaust and of its survivors. Collectively, these interviews share a hope for the future, and call on today's youth and future generations to stand up against prejudice and prevent future genocide.

The videos collected during the campaign will be published on this site leading up to the American Red Cross' event recognizing Holocaust Remembrance Day. To RSVP and learn more about this event, please visit our registration website by clicking here, or selecting "Event Registration: Holocaust Remembrance Day" in the main menu.

The American Red Cross supports Holocaust survivors through its Restoring Family Links program. Through this service, families separated by World War II can be reconnected to their loved ones, or obtain documentation concerning their fate. To learn more about this program, please visit

Campaign Introduction

Interview between Sivan Sax and Anna Grosz

Interview between Brianna Wick, Haya Levy, and Esther Starobin

Interview between Liz Corrigan, Jon Dillon, and Frank Liebermann

Interview between Sam Breslin and Fritz Gluckstein

Interview between Dan Perry and Gideon Frieder

Interview between Liz Corrigan and Jacqueline Mendels Birn

Interview between Anna Sherr, Sam Breslin, and Martin Weiss

Interview between Sumita Tellakat and Rita Rubenstein

Interview between Alex Knorr and Ruth Cohen